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How to create a free promotional video

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If you are a startup founder, or very early in your journey chances are that your marketing budgets are minimal, if there is any.

What are your marketing options? Direct outreach, content marketing, or some kind of guerilla marketing technique, but even some of those cost some money.

More expensive techniques, for example, paid ads might be an option if you have some marketing budget but they require more than just setting up a Facebook AD, they require more assets — for example, copy, or photos, or videos and that’s where the problem arises — those things are expensive and that’s probably why you don’t do it.

What if i told you that you can create a promotional video for free?

The idea

Okay, so every video needs the starting point — the idea. In my case, all i know is that i want a 20–30-second video AD to show off my product on social media and i want to spend $0 on it.

There are a few different kinds of videos i can create:

  1. Motion graphics, meaning that the content of the videos will be digitally made and/or animated.
  2. Live-action, i can take my phone and actually record it.
  3. Blend of some sorts, so this can maybe be a screen recording of my product, with some cool graphics overlayed. 

Let’s see what kind of a free promotional video can we make.

The production

We can pick the low hanging fruit first. 

A live-action ad

This one is actually very easy to produce, all you need is your phone and a script. In order to create a script for your free promotional video you need to know 3 things:

  1. Problem — What problem is your product solving?
  2. Solution — How is it solving that problem?
  3. Resolution — What are the results of that?

When you think about it, it’s actually fairly straightforward and simple. This is what’s called the three-act structure, and it’s been around for ages.

Let’s see this on a real-world example, and let’s create a script for our ad:

Hi! My name is Neb and i am the co-founder of Plainly. We are aware that most big eCom shops constantly create similar videos for different products.

That’s why we created Plainly — a simple video generator allowing you to connect After Effects templates with product data and automatically generate as many videos as you need.

We help our customers automate their video production workflow, and create more video ads.

Start generating more video ads then ever. Go to and sign up for a free trial.

That’s it! You have a script ready, you can record it with your phone, and you are done.

You don’t need to edit this video, it’s enough if you cut the beginning and the end on your default phone video editor. Yes, you will need to get everything right in one go, there is no cutting in between but this is a short script and you will be able to do it.

editing on a phone

A motion graphics ad

There is a ton of free resources out there, and using these you can create a simple motion graphics ad.

In this case, i want to use a few different techniques. I want to open up with a strong statement overlayed on top of a stock image or video, then move into a product description with some product shots maybe on a mockup and then end with a strong and simple text Call To Action. This is what i want, let’s see what can i actually make.

How will i edit all of these together?

A little program on Windows 10 called Photos — i kid you not.

I searched quite a lot for a free online video editor but nothing, they all offer a free video creation with watermark, but you need to actually pay to remove the watermark. Not good enough.

That’s why we need to resort to something offline if you are using Windows 10 use Photos, just type it in your search bar and you will find it. I am not sure what to use if you are on a Mac, but i know that there is a free video editor on there also!

inside of windows photos
pexels website
using mockups

I’ll put these in the middle, explaining my product but we need the ending.

And for that, i want to circle back to stock footage and finish with that so i will download another video from Pexels.

When i got all of that, it’s time to start editing!

After i imported all of my assets into my money-making, i mean Photos it was a straightforward process of stitching videos and adding text.

windows photos editing

I am honestly, pretty amazed by the video i created. I mean it’s not top class but it’s made for free and in 20 minutes — i can’t believe it.

You can check the created video here:

A blend

The recap

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