Plainly - The video automation tool for eCommerce

Create more videos. Reach more customers.

Create dynamic video templates and use your product data to increase your video output by 10x. Without hiring new people.

How it works

Better ROI with your creatives and our automation

Plainly takes your After Effects project and creates dynamic templates that can be adapted to any product data you provide us.

Upload the template, select the elements you want to turn dynamic and insert the product data. We will create a video for each product you supply the data for.

One project, as many videos as you wish created automatically.

The benefits of using Plainly

Better return on your investments in video ads
Let your design team be focused on creating engaging videos that match your brand, and let us do the rest. We’ll take the assets you created and help you generate hundreds of videos with different product data.
Speed up your video ads production
Plainly videos are created in just a few minutes. As you add new products to your product feed, or update the existing ones, automatically create video ads for them immediately.
All you need for real A/B ads testing
No need to wonder anymore if your ads will convert or not. With Plainly you can render dozens of different variations and learn which one converts the best. This helps you have more data and better ROI.

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Want to know more?

Learn more about the technology that is powering Plainly and how you can start. Our plans for the future and all the behind scenes things that might interest you.

Plainly is so simple that anyone can use it

Book a demo, let us show you how Plainly works, and see for yourself how easy it is.

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Plainly does all the manual work that slows you down for a fixed monthly fee

Start for free, upgrade for as little as $59

Dynamic creatives
Multiple projects and templates
Automatic rendering
Integration ready
Secure video storage

Save time and money

Automate your video marketing like a pro.