Automate the production of your social media video during games

World's first dynamic video generator for Football clubs

Plainly helps you dynamically create and upload high-quality video content on social media during matches.

How this helps your club?

Dynamic videos for better engagement
The best that football clubs can do at the moment is to post a static video or a dynamic picture. Plainly videos contain dynamic information directly in the video.
More likes during games
Interaction during a game is especially important, as your fans expect to be informed about the live events. Make your content stand out and reach more interactions as the game develops.
Better content means higher profit
With a high number of followers, you can score better sponsorship contracts. In addition, you gain a valuable channel for communications with fans, thus you can benefit from increased tickets and apparel sales.
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How does this work?

Choose your template
Upload your After Effects project to Plainly and create your templates. If you don't have a project of your own, reach out to us and we'll create a custom made template just for you.
React on events
During the match, open Plainly interface and select the event you want to create the video for. Input the needed data and press render!
Your video is on the way
Once you've provided all the necessary data, our application will start rendering your video. In less than a minute your video will be ready and you can upload it to the media of your choice.
Case Study
This is how we help FC Voždovac

Read how FC Voždovac uses Plainly to dynamically post video content on Twitter and Instagram and get up to 100% more Twitter likes.

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Using Plainly is as easy as filling out a survey

Book a demo, let us show you how Plainly works, and see it for yourself.

You may be thinking

Frequently asked questions.

Absolutely not. Creating videos with Plainly is as easy as filling out a simple form.

You will define the format of the video yourself. Plainly will render the compositions you select, so it's up to you to adapt them to different social media.

Plainly is capable of automating your video production, so you don't have to manually edit pre-made templates. In addition, using integration platforms you can connect to our interface and automate the complete flow. For example, you can upload from Plainly directly to social media channels and save valuable time.

Whatever you choose in the parametrization process. After you upload the After Effects project, you will be able to determine which elements should be dynamic. 

Depending on a subscription package your video will be stored for up to 7 days.

Ready to beat your opponents?

Be better than your opponents both on the field and on social media.