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If you want the ability to automatically create thousands of videos, render & store them on the cloud, Plainly is the best Nexrender alternative. Thanks to our intuitive user interface, you can easily set up projects, use our API, and enjoy the same (and more) features of Nexrender without writing a single line of code.

Cloud solution

Save hours of time

No-code solution

Feature Plainly Nexrender
 Use After Effects for templates
 Easy setup
 Rest API for integrations with other tools
 Customer support
 Free to use
 Free to use

Nexrender alternative for those who want to create automated video creation workflows without wasting days of work

Why Plainly is the best Nexrender alternative


No-code solution

Nexrender is designed for people who are at least somewhat comfortable with scripting or development. You need to have basic knowledge of JavaScript language and JSON formats. Plainly is a Nexrender alternative that’s suitable for both no-code lovers, developers, and creative professionals. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, you don’t have to be tech-savvy. However, our flexible API enables you to create any workflow that suits your needs.

Clear and thorough documentation, unlimited scalability, and lightning-fast customer support. Boom.


One video automation tool to rule them all

Nexrender allows you to dynamically change layers of an After Effects composition. You can reference new text values or a new source to change text, audio, or video layers. It’s a great solution but takes a lot to setup, it doesn’t have cloud rendering & storage out of the box and it can be a huge time drain for you.

Plainly give you the opportunity to utilize hours and hours of development that our team did in order to give you the smoothest UX. You’ll be able to use After Effects for the project, our user interface for the setup and our API for fast and easy rendering.


Great value for money

Nexrender is an amazing open source, free video automation tool. It’s a good solution for tech-savvy developers who want to play around and explore. However, you simply have to know how to code. The setup is rather complex. As a matter of fact, if you want to store everything in the cloud and have the ability to render thousands of videos, it’s pretty challenging.

In contrast, Plainly has a great GUI and different pricing plans starting from $59 per month. We know your time is your most valuable resource. You’ll immediately recognize the value you’re getting.


Videos rendered in the cloud + great integrations available

With Plainly, you don’t have to worry about setting up rendering machines. It’s all done by our machines in the cloud and it’s included in the pricing plan. After the rendering is complete, you’ll receive a link to the finished video. That way, you can instantly distribute videos. Easy as pie. 

Additionally, Plainly is compatible with both Zapier and Integromat which means you can connect with 2000+ tools in just a few clicks. Simply create client-facing interfaces and enable them to render video variations after you create the initial template.

An honest, head to head comparison of Nexrender and Plainly

When it makes sense to use Nexrender over Plainly

We give credit where credit’s due. Nexrender is great for developers who are looking for a tech playground and want to explore this free open-source project to automate After Effects.

You can download binaries directly from Nexrender’s releases section, or install them using npm. If you’re a tech-savvy person and want to play around, then paying for a Plainly subscription doesn’t make sense.

nexrender benefits
nexrender rendering vs plainly rendering

Network rendering vs cloud rendering

With Nexrender, it’s possible to set up a minimal rendering flow using local CLI machine rendering. If you want to start rendering on a remote machine or to reduce load while working on your local machine, you need to spin up your own rendering cluster. 

In contrast, Plainly handles video rendering for you, and it happens in a secure cloud environment. You can render up to 20 minutes of video on the cloud even with our lowest $59/month plan. Plus, the rendering process is lightning fast.

Free vs paid


Nexrender is free to use. It’s an open-source project that allows you to dynamically change layers of an After Effects composition. However, since Nexrender works as an intermediary and coordinator for a variety of complex technologies, problems do occur.  

Plainly is a paid tool with transparent pricing. Price varies depending on the length of the video, the amount of storage you need, and the video retention time.


nexrender paid alternative
support vs docs

Extensive documentation vs customer support

If you’re a developer, both Aerender and Nexrender can help you build whatever system you want. There is extensive documentation you can study through and the community is pretty lively. The question is – do you really want to spend your time on that?

With Nexrender, you’re left to your own means to figure things out. Plainly also offers documentation (duh), but our support won’t leave you hanging. We will help you resolve any issue in under an hour.

No-code Nexrender alternative? That’s Plainly.

Save a ton of time on creating video automation workflows, and use it to develop other projects or to grow your business. Setting up Plainly is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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