Save time, and create more promo videos than ever.

Plainly allows eCommerce shops to automate their video production workflow and create video ads on a scale with dynamic templates.


Turn your data into video.

Say goodbye to waiting for your video ads. Import your product data and create as many video as there are products in a matter of minutes.

Re-design your workflow

Instead of creating each video separately, you can have your design team create templates and use those to instantly create video ads for as many products as you like.

Do the imposible

By automating your video production you unlock the possibilities to try out campaigns that weren't possible before.

Don't cut any corners

Automated doesn't mean lower quality. Using Plainly allows you to create the same top-quality videos as you are creating now but on a much bigger scale and in less time.

How does this work?

Upload your project

You can either upload your own After Effects project or use one of our templates.

Choose dynamic elements

Pick which elements of the video will be dynamic and which will stay static.

Import your data

and start creating the videos.

Book a demo

Create more videos than ever. Faster. While saving money.

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