Close more deals with personalized videos

Plainly allows you to import your CRM data and create a personalized video for each lead from it.


Send e-mails that stand out.

Plainly helps you adress the problem of each lead with an engaging video.

Videos are automatically created

For every new entry into the contacts sheet, a video is automatically created. This way you can spend more time on closing the deals.

Easy to use

Using Plainly doesn't require any technical knowledge. You just select the template, the elements you want to change and the rest is on us.

Dynamic elements inside of the video

We don't make only the thumbnail dynamic, we actually make the whole video dynamic. Pictures, text, you can personalize it all!

How does this work?

Pick a template

You can either upload your own After Effects project or use one of our templates.

Choose elements to be personalized

Pick which elements of the video will be dynamic and personalized and which will stay static.

Connect & Start sending

Import your data, and start creating the videos.

Book a demo

Do you want to close more deals?

Book a demo, and transform your funnel for the better.