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Automatically create personalized sales demos

Tools used:

Airtable, Integromat / Zapier, Plainly

About this workflow

If you’re B2B software business, you’re probably doing sales demos. In the case of big deals, and big clients you’re probably doing them live, but when it comes to smaller clients you’re probably just sending pre-recorded video demos.

It makes sense, you don’t want to waste expensive sales resources on small deal sizes. In some cases, you would even show a pre-recorded video demo on the live call with big clients. But if your tool has a ton of features, you’re probably creating generic demos based on the buyer persona or industry.

But not every buyer is the same, even though they are in the same industry. This means that in a lot of cases you will be showing a bunch of features that the lead doesn’t care about. Non-relevant demos will lead to lost conversions and long sales cycles.

This workflow helps you solve that. It enables you to create personalized video demos in just a few clicks.

It will allow you to deliver personalization at scale.

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