Pricing - Plainly

Flexible pricing plans for teams of all sizes

During the Alpha phase of Plainly, we are offering a 30-day free trial to every new customer.



20 min of Video
1 GB Storage
24h Video retention
Standard rendering priority


100 min of Video
5 GB Storage
48h Video retention
High rendering priority


300 min of Video
15 GB Storage
72h Video retention
High rendering priority

Need more? Have a question?

We offer even bigger plans for teams who need something a little extra. Contact our team for any questions or if you want a custom quote.

Minutes of video
This represents how many minutes of video can you create with a specific plan. This is a monthly number, that resets each month.
Standard rendering priority
This is the default rendering priority for everybody. It puts you in a shared queue and the waiting time for your video is up to 10 minutes.
This is the amount of storage you have on our servers. It includes all of the projects and the assets you upload to our platform. You can delete some of them if you run out of space.
High rendering priority
This is for those who need their videos instantly. For higher plans you will be able to get your own rendering queue, and get your videos instantly.
Video retention
This tells you how many hours will you be able to download the video from the provided link. After this, the video is deleted off our platform and you will need to re-render it again.