Automate your video production.

Plainly is a video generation tool. It helps you create engaging video content in just a few clicks.


Automate your workflow

Import large data sets and automatically create numerous videos from that data.

Leverage the power of video

Gain an edge by using videos where your competitors can't because of the production costs.

Gain more for less money

Connect Plainly to tools like Zapier and automatically send them or publish them to social media.

How Plainly works:

For eCommerce

Automate your marketing video creation. Save money and scale up your video production with Plainly.

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For Sales Teams

Send personalized videos to each of your leads. Include a video in your sales emails and address the specific problems of your leads.

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For Football Teams

Improve your social media profiles. Publish engaging video content dynamically generated during the match.

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Create better performing video content, in less time.