Plainly - Video generation API for automated video production workflows

Create videos automatically, on scale.

Plainly is a video generation API that allows you to create automated video production workflows and scale up your marketing.

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Explore use cases

Set and forget
After the initial setup, videos are created and sent automatically and reliably.
Control the design
You decide how does the video look. Upload a template, or pick a pre-built one.
Create 100 or 100k videos, Plainly adapts to any workflow.
Text, images, videos, audio and colors. All of these can be dynamic, and change with every video.

Set up Plainly in 3 simple steps

Create a template
Upload an After Effects project that will serve as a template. Use your own, or use pre-built ones from our library.
Choose dynamic elements
Choose the elements that will change with every video through our intuitive Web App.
Create custom integrations with our API or use Zapier (and similar tools) to create fully automated workflows.

For non-developers

Connect multiple apps with Plainly, and create fully automated video creation workflows with Zapier (and similar tools) without any coding knowledge.

Learn how to create integrations from our library of examples.

Start automating video production today.

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