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Automate your video production workflow

Create engaging video content fast, on a scale, without doing the manual work. Plainly helps you to create dynamic video templates, connect them to the data you provide and automatically create as many videos as you wish.

Make your After Effects projects dynamic

Plainly turns your After Effects projects into templates that you can quickly re-use and personalize for any data you provide. Import the project, choose the elements you want to make dynamic and add the data.

You can create dozens of videos from a single project. It doesn’t need to be a specific project for Plainly. You can upload any After Effects project you have.

Turn your static Photoshop projects into animated videos

Transform your static Photoshop projects into higher converting videos just by uploading your Photoshop project and selecting the elements you want to animate.

Use the power of Plainly parameterization and get multiple videos with different data. This effectively turns your single PSD visual into multiple different videos.

We help people from different industries to improve their video creation and publishing

Create automatic workflows, automate the repetitive daily work and generate videos as you change your product feed. Increase your video production output, test your video ads in a better way and improve your ROI.
Marketing Agencies
No more need to task your team with replacing text and images in video templates you created. Automate this, serve more clients, and cut the time your designers spend on creating social media video ads.

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Cut through the spam with personalized video messages. Give every lead what they need, and make them feel special, improving your conversion rates.

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Social Media Managers
Keep uploading content consistently, while spending less time on it. Create time efficient workflows. automatically generate videos and publish to different social media channels.

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The benefits of using Plainly
Create more
Increase your video output by 10x. More social media ads, more personalized emails sent or more clients served - bigger output availability gives you more options.
Speed up
Create automatic workflows and publish videos faster than ever. No more need to wait for your design team, videos are created with a click of a button.
Integrate Plainly with tools like Zapier into your favourite workflows. Create videos where you couldn’t before and gain a competitive advantage.

Getting started with Plainly takes 15 minutes

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We work with your favourite products

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