Plainly Knowledge Base

Here's everything you need to know about creating video automation templates, setting up Plainly and creating integrations

Download a free sample project.

If you don’t have an After Effects project that’s ready to go but you still want to test Plainly, download a free sample project on the button below. We used this project in the knowledge base videos, so you’ll be ready to follow the videos 1 to 1.

Table of Contents

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Video 1 - Templates

Overview of how templates in Plainly work.

Video 1a - Template Best Practices

Here are a few key things you should pay attention when creating your template in After Effects

Video 1b - Setting up dynamic elements

Here’s how to setup dynamic elements inside of After Effects

Video 1c - Formatting text elements

This video shows you how to make sure that your text scales properly, no matter what length the text input is.

Video 1d - Formatting image elements

Similar to text elements, images will often be of various sizes. Here’s how to make sure that images scale properly.

Video 1e - Adding dynamic colors

If you want to add dynamic colors to your video – here’s how to do that.

Video 1f - Packaging the project

This is the last step in template preparation. Here’s how to package the template for Plainly.

Video 2 - Web App

Overview of the Plainly web app.

Video 2a - Projects & Templates

This video explains the difference between projects and templates in the Plainly web app.

Video 2b - Plainly Setup

Here are the few steps needed to do in order to setup your Plainly project.

Video 3 - Rendering Overview

Overview of rendering videos using Plainly

Video 3a - Rendering / Asset Handling

Here’s how you should handle assets that will be automatically inserted into your videos.

Video 3b - Web App Rendering

If you want to render videos through Plainly web app, here’s how that’s done.

Video 3c - Make Integration

If you’re using Make for creating automated video workflows, this is how you can integrate Plainly into it.

Video 3d - Zapier Integration

In case you’re using Zapier, here are the Zaps you need to use to integrate Plainly