Save hours of soul-sucking manual work creating video variations.

And spend those hours on creative tasks. Add your video to Plainly, connect a spreadsheet and automatically render batches of video variations.

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Compatible with After Effects

You can use any After Effects project that you create. There is no need for creating custom automation projects.

Broadcast quality - rendered on the cloud

Just because it's automated, doesn't mean it's lower quality. You can export broadcast quality videos and they are all rendered in the cloud.

Swap text, images, videos, audio and colors

You can change basically every part of the video. This means that you'll be able to export any variations you need in minutes.

Typical uses of Plainly by creatives

If you’re working for a large company that’s on multiple markets you have to adapt your marketing videos for each market. Instead of doing this manually, import this data into a spreadsheet and get those video variations done over the lunch break.

Doing video ads on social media means a lot of testing and a lot of variations. Different languages, different video dimensions, different copy…etc. These can all lead to hundreds and hundreds of video variations. Automate them and focus on creating better ads, rather than on data entry.

The last thing you want to do as a creative agency is spend time creating variations. Clients on the other hand love coming up with new versions, and allowing them to create these in a few clicks can bring a lot of value to them. Create a self-serve video creation form with Plainly, and save yourself from the long email threads requesting new versions.

This is how Plainly works

Add your After Effects project to Plainly

Upload your After Effects project to Plainly. You’ll then choose what parts of the video will change in every render through our Web App. You can make dynamic text, images, videos, audio, and even colors.

Link your data source

Link Plainly to your data source. This can be a spreadsheet, a database or an external API. You can also render videos directly through our Web App by providing the data for the dynamic elements.

Here's how you can automate creative processes

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The Plainly team did a great job supporting our event in our crunch time! Their clear documentation was easy to follow and the UI was easy to implement into our workflow.

The original idea was to use a service to generate static images with our parameters, however, after talking with Plainly, the only logical thing to do is make a set of short videos. 

Our minimal effort paid off tenfold.

Alex Kovacevic

founder of Creative Tree

Start automating video production today.

Plainly is like having a team of robots working for you. They cost a fraction of what a video team costs, they create videos 24/7, and they never rest. Book a demo below, and see for yourself.

Demo, not a sales call. You’ll be talking to a creative, like yourself. We’ll listen to your needs and show you how to get started ASAP (and not waste time.) Use Plainly immediately after the call.