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If you wish to start creating personalized videos immediately, without going through 3 rounds of sales calls, minimum commitments, and complicated setup – you’re in the right place. Plainly is a personalized video platform for those who want to get results asap, not in a month after the whole sales funnel.

No limits to After Effects templates

No yearly commitments

Quick 3 step setup

Feature Plainly Idomoo
 Use all effects and features of After Effects
 Go straight from After Effects to automation
 Use assets from a URL
 Easy sign-up

Idomoo alternative suitable for businesses of all sizes.

4 reasons why you should consider using Plainly as an Idomoo alternative for your next personalized video workflow


Use ANY After Effects Project

In order to create videos with Idomoo, you have to convert your After Effect compositions into IDM files. This adds an extra manual step in the process of preparing your template, and limits what effects and features of After Effects you can use. Apart from being a big time waste, converting After Effects into IDM just adds another level of complexity, and increases the error probability.

Plainly uses native After Effects files, this means no limits to your creativity – and no limits to the results.


Extra steps, but no extra benefits

Personalized videos are not rocket science. That’s why we made our setup so simple that anybody can do it. Setting up Idoomo feels like it requires a bachelor’s in physic. Here’s how it goes: create a template (watch out what effects you use!); convert to IDM; create scenes; create a storyboard (don’t forget to add audio!); render. In Plainly its: create a template; set up Plainly; render.

There are extra steps, but no extra benefits. Plainly’s simple 3 step setup will get you results faster, with less headache and less room for error.


Plainly brings automated video to non-enterprises

Since the start, automated video was reserved for enterprises with big pockets. That’s why Idomoo targets Fortune 500 companies. This means that you will be getting an enterprise treatment when you JUST want to set up a quick project, and start testing asap. 3 rounds of sales calls, a high entry price point, and a signup process that feels like i’m doing something wrong – that’s Idomoo.

Plainly’s ease of use, and simple pricing makes video automation available to business of any size.


No minimum commitment

Idomoo has a minimum yearly commitment that’s pretty high. Plainly has subscription plans that fit any business. Yes, you can subscribe to Plainly for a year and get a discount – but we won’t make you do it before you start using our tool. We understand that automated video is a new thing, and that you want to test it.

That’s why we allow you to start small, and upgrade as the results start coming in.

An honest, head to head comparison of Idoomo and Plainly



Idomoo does enterprise sales amazingly – they are much better than us in this…but this also adds a ton of complexity to your sign up process if you’re not an enterprise.


Given that we don’t have a huge sales team, we don’t make you go through hoops to start your project. We’ll do a 15 min call, just to make sure you don’t waste time and you’ll be able to use Plainly right after the call.

idomoo sign up vs plainly sign up
creating templates in idomoo alternative

Creating templates


Having to use Idomoo’s IDM files, means a lot of added work that can be spent on more important things. For their customers, this isn’t a huge deal though. They have 1000s of employees and junior video people who can do this menial work.


Creating a template for Plainly is the same as creating any ordinary video in After Effects. Because it’s so simple, it’s much quicker, it can be outsourced and you can also re-use old Ae projects.

Project setup


Template creation is just the start of the process with Idomoo. After you convert it to IDM, you still need to add scenes, storyboards and audio inside of their Web App.


Getting the template ready is the biggest time drain when setting up Plainly. After that, the rest of the setup can take as little as just 10 minutes.

setting up projects in idomoo
how support works in idomoo vs an alternative



Given that you probably aren’t an enterprise, you won’t be top of mind for the Idomoo support agents. This means that you’ll have to wait to get your problems resolved. Waiting = losing money.


With Plainly, your problem will be resolved under an hour.

Idomoo alternative for non-enterprises? That's Plainly

Start creating personalized video campaigns imediately. No SDRs, no hoops to go through.

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15 min no strings attached