Dataclay Templater Alternative

Cloud-based After Effects automation tool that allows you to render 1000s of videos automatically in the cloud. Create your template in After Effects, link it to any data source (API, database, spreadsheet…), and the videos will be created & delivered to you automatically. Oh, and one more thing. Our pricing is super simple, and it fits all budgets.

Render videos in the cloud

Create advanced workflows

Super simple pricing

Feature Plainly Dataclay
 Cloud rendering Pay extra
 Web App  ❌
 Video creation API ✅   Pay extra
 Integrating any data source ✅   Pay extra
 Native Google Sheet Integration  ✅
 Videos uploaded to cloud storage  ❌
Zapier & Integromat compatible Pay extra

Automate After Effects in the cloud

Sign up for Plainly, start creating video variations in a few clicks and save yourself hours of work.

30 day free trial (no CC required)

15 min no strings attached

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Plainly as a Templater alternative

Why are creators choosing Plainly over Templater?


Easy to use Web App

You’ll be able to set up the workflow inside a browser, instead of After Effects. This means that the setup can be done by anyone, and not only After Effects artists.


Render & Storage on the cloud

No need to set up rendering machines, and worry about rendering or storage. Videos are rendered by our machines in the cloud, and you’ll get a link to the finished video.


Zapier/Integromat compatible

You can use no-code automation tools and integrate Plainly with your favorite tools in a few simple clicks. This will also allow you to create client-facing interfaces and enable them to render video variations after you create the initial template.


Pay for one plan - get all features

By purchasing any of the Plainly plans, you get access to all of the features we offer. This clear and straightforward pricing makes it easy to understand what you’ll be paying.

An honest comparison of Plainly as a Dataclay Templater alternative.

When should you use Templater over Plainly?

Yeah, you heard that right. It’s not a mistake. We respect the Dataclay crew, so we’ll tell you when should you be using Templater instead of Plainly. 

If you’re rendering a low volume of videos you’re better off with Templater. Their Templater Rig product for $30 is quite a good deal if you want to quickly link up your Google Sheet and create 10-20 variations over the lunch break.

If you’re going to only use Google sheets as your data source – Templater might also be a better bet. Because they have a native Google Sheets integration, you’ll be able to quickly set the automation up.

templater alternative video output
templater vs plainly pricing

Templater Pricing vs Plainly Pricing

We’ve made our pricing as simple as possible. There are three plans, and you can choose one depending on how many videos you want to make. There aren’t any add-ons, or hidden fees. You will be getting the full feature set with any of these plans. The Web App, the video creation API, and the cloud rendering – all in one package

Cloud rendering vs local rendering

The default for Templater is local rendering. This means that you have to either create local rendering machines, or use your working machine. If you want to do cloud rendering with Templater it means you’ll have to pay for their QUE product. The pricing starts at $325 / month.

With Plainly, an alternative to Templater, the default is cloud rendering. You can render up to 20 minutes of video on the cloud even with our lowest $59/month plan. Scale up your production as much as you need – gradually and without any worry about rendering. Oh, and our machines are top-of-the-line, so the rendering is blazing fast!

cloud vs local rendering
multiple data sources for templater alternative

Using any data source

We at Plainly are huge fans of automation (duh). That’s why we created Plainly API. This means that you’ll be able to create custom integrations and use any data source such as other APIs, databases, or spreadsheets. This flexibility will allow you to build the exact workflow you need, and maximize efficiency.

Templater has a Google Sheet integration by default and it’s built to be used mainly with Google Sheets. If you wish to use any other data source, you’ll have to purchase Dataclay QUE separately which starts, as mentioned above at $325 / month.

Distributing videos

Since it’s mainly used for local rendering, Templater stores your videos on your local machine. This means that if you want to send them to your clients, you need to upload them to a cloud storage. This makes creating advanced automation workflows hard and complicated.

Once Plainly finishes your video, it’s uploaded to cloud storage and sent to your webhook. This means that you’ll be able to download & distribute your videos very easily. Send them to your clients directly, upload them to a bucket, or use them on social media – it’s all possible with a few clicks

storage on cloud vs local machines
plainly vs templater support

We don’t have a support forum

A real person will solve your specific problem lighting fast. Yes, although Dataclay’s support forum is pretty useful and it’s got a ton of useful solutions…sometimes you just need an expert that’s going to solve your problem immediately. That’s how our support works – you won’t be wasting any time scrolling the forums.

Dedicated Web App

Although an After Effects plugin might be nice, we realize that not everybody has After Effects. That’s why we built a dedicated Web App which is used to upload your After Effects project and select the dynamic elements. The average time to create a template inside of Plainly is a couple of minutes, and it’s so simple that anybody can do it. This way even your non-video colleagues can use our alternative to Templater.

dataclay templater alternative web app vs after effects

Dataclay Templater Alternative = Plainly

Create automated video creation workflows using Plainly. Connect your After Effects template with ANY data source, and render 1000s of videos automatically in the cloud.

30 day free trial (no CC required)

15 min no strings attached